My boyfriend's back and there's going to be trouble

OK, so the "boyfriend" in the title is actually TCB - his ship is supposed to be in port (not sure which and I wouldn't post it here even if I did know because Loose Lips Sink Ships) tonight. I might get to talk to my husband tonight!!! One day I'm sure we'll look forward to independence and time spent by ourselves, but that day is a long, long way off. I miss him so much. I cried in the car yesterday while driving the boys home just because I started to think about him. And I was happy at the time, too...listening to Alcott and his brothers singing. Random, heart-wrenching sorrow can be yours, too, if you marry a sailor. (Or soldier. Or Marine. You know the drill.)

Because I don't want to be Debby Downer, I'll leave you on a high note and tell you that I did an amazing amount of cleaning at Casa Denise and TCB this weekend. I had everything done: floors clean throughout, sheets and towels changed (also washed and put away), kitchen sink plus stove top plus refrigerator polished (damn you, stainless steel!), all mirrors and faucets shiny and clean, dining room chairs de-furred (grrrr @ cats), and bathroom sinks and vanities clean and sparkly. I only needed to dust throughout and vacuum just the stairs.

That was Saturday about noon. By the time I left this morning for work (forgetting my computer in my haste), the cat fur is back on the floor, the kids left their wet towels in the guest bathroom (ewww), someone left toothpaste in the guest sink, and I need to change the cat boxes (double eww). Seriously, why do I even bother???

Oh wait, wasn't I supposed to tell you something positive? Hmmm. Oh yes, it's time for me to go home...yay!


Trish said…
LOL, sister I know about the hair! Bruiser leaves pieces of himself all over the place even after I have swiffered.

You should see my brown bedsheets...uggh.
jOoLz said…
i too have stainless steel appliances, but i discovered a product about a month after we got them that has saved me a ton of work since: method stainless steel spray and the accompanying microfiber cloth, both available at the world's best poor people's french store.

a bottle lasts me about 2 months (and i'm a clean freak in MY kitchen), and i've had the same microfiber cloth for well over a year now. i just rinse it out really well and let it dry before i use it again, and occasionally i'll throw it in the wash with the towels.
Unknown said…
Oh man, the hair issue...Oscar died in December and we STILL find clumps of his hair around the house, even after massive EPA style clean up efforts. Sigh. I miss that dog.

How did you hold up with the earthquake yesterday? I thought of you when I caught the story on last night's news.

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