Sometimes a non-decision becomes a decision

Should have read the fine print on the BlogHer website...they closed registration last night at 6:00 pm and I didn't get in before it closed. Ah well, perhaps it's for the best. I did put myself on the waitlist, though, and I'm hoping to hear something before the conference. I also reserved a room at the Hyatt (I have tons of points so might as well add to them), just in case. Thanks to those who offered help and encouragement - you're all superfabulous.

Am very excited today for three reasons:
1. Last work day before holiday - woohoo!
2. BFF Tracy arrives tomorrow morning - let freedom (and charge cards) ring!
3. Just ordered my new shoes and they should be here in less than a week - those shoes are made for walking!

Can you believe it - I'm excited about walking?!!

Am not excited that my husband isn't home. Still. Miss him terribly. He misses me, too. And the cats. And the bed that he doesn't bump his head on when he wakes up every morning. Sucky McSuckerson. (Some days are harder than others.)


Suze said…
Have a great holiday. Relax, and SHOP!
It must be so hard without TCB. I know I miss my hubby when he does 3 night shifts in a row, a I don't see him for 3 days. I can't imagine what it's like for you.
Hang in there :)
Unknown said…
Life moves on and then one day you wake up. No really life is good and separation just makes you appreciate what you have more. Things could be worse, I am not a vegetable and I respond to and communicate. If you look at the light at the end of the tunnel and focus you don't lose your way no matter how hard it gets. When you have someone you can trust and know will be there for you it makes it easier.

Also when you have been doing this as long as I have it becomes second nature. I also think I have had one of the most difficult careers since I have been gone for most of it. Talking to some guys last night and we all agreed it is the nature of our jobs.

So we will keep on trucking.
Marla said…
I was thinking, you could still go to some of the social events at Blogher - from what I've read, there's a lot of partying that's not an official part of the conference.

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