Things that are good

Today I shall make up for yesterday's Debbie Downer of a post by listing things about me that are good.

  • I am a good driver. (TCB should stop laughing and examine his OWN driving right now.) I like to drive, I find it soothing. Even in southern California. Even when the tourists descend (which is pretty much year-round).
  • I work well under pressure. This is especially important given my inclination to procrastinate (see yesterday's post). I have whipped up A+ papers for tough graders by waking up early the morning of the day they're due. Truly. Honestly, upon further reflection, I'm not sure if this should be classified as good.
  • I call my mother every day. (I call TCB's mom about once a week. Unless I forget. But usually, once a week.)
  • I give a lot of time and money to causes that I believe in. I love that Americans are so generous and giving of their money...I sometimes wish they were as giving of their time, too. (If you want to give time to something you're passionate about, try - I found Voices for Children there.)
  • I am a really good problem solver for other people. When something needs to be done in the middle of a firestorm, I'm your girl.
  • I have good hair. It's getting a few grays but, eh, it's still good. It gets stringy and annoying when it's long, so I just keep it short and life is good.
  • I am a good cat mommy. Mostly. Sometimes I don't remember to get crunchy cat food on the way home and they all have to eat wet food (only Dave, the eldest, is supposed to eat that) but usually, they have it pretty good.
  • I am surprisingly good with technology. For instance, I hooked up the new Apple TV that TCB sent me with absolutely no assistance from anyone.
  • I can find anything on the Internet in like two minutes or less. Seriously, I am the Master of Google!
  • I make a mean omelette and other breakfast-type foods. Like breakfast potatoes. And fresh squeezed orange juice. Not that I do it very often, but I could.
OK, I think that's it. Or perhaps it's just that I'm fed up with where I'm at and want to go home before my haircut this afternoon to take care of things. (That's code for "take a nap".)
Hugs for everyone, kisses for everyone I'm married to!
p.s. What does everyone think about using these for our kitchen back splash and these for the undercabinet lighting? I sent them to TCB yesterday and got no comment, so I'm opening it up to my Internet peeps...should I order them for when he gets home???


Jenn said…
I'm best under pressure, which is kind of unfortunate because I constantly let myself get to that point.

I really like stainless backsplashes. I saw a kitchen where they used stainless colored ceiling "tiles" - the large old fashioned kind - and it looked great.

I like the under cabinet lighting, but I would have one question - have you seen it in real life? I would be concerned that a small circular light would shine in small areas. For some reason I'm just imagining that long, thin lights might give off better lighting. But I could be wrong, I've never looked into it.
Lori said…
I'm crazy for simple white subway tile with white grout. I think the under lights kind of spray the light so it should be pretty nice to have. Have you shared photos of your condo? I'd love to see them.
Unknown said…
Yes light can be issue depending on counter heighth and light disipation.

Not to be a typical male but how many of your husband's or boyfriend's don't let you drive. They have to drive. Ask my loving wife who drives? She does becuase she prefers too and she doesn't like my driving. I have never been in a crash on the freeway it is always from a start with a blind spot.

I will not say anything for her cooking because we are bad about not cooking at home.

She has to have some good qualities for someone to marry her but when I figure them out I will let you know. LOL. My wife's strength's are my weaknesses and vice versa. The one thing we both love doing is giving back. Everyone tells me how lucky I am to have her. I guess if the Senior Most Enlisted Man in the Marine Corps tells me this I should feel lucky.

The only time you have to worry about judgement is at the day of judgement.
jOoLz said…
about your first bullet - driving used to relax me. until i had to take the hub to the train station every morning and go retrieve him every evening. i live in anaheim, and the train station was on the other side of "the resort", ie, disneyland.

brings to mind a phrase i used to say for comic effect: "if it's tourist season, how come we can't shoot them?"


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