To BlogHer or not to BlogHer?

I'm sort of torn. I would really like to go to BlogHer because it's close enough not to be a huge flight (San Francisco), it's in one of my all-time favorite cities, and there are several online buddies that I would love to meet who will be in attendance. On the other side of the equation are the conference fees ($300 for two days), hotel ($400 for two nights), and flight ($160 on Southwest). I just don't think I can justify spending $900 for a weekend in San Francisco given the fact that I'm not a big-name blogger or looking for ways to make a living from my site (ha!)

Anyone reading have a hotel room they'd be willing to share and/or carpooling from southern California???


Anonymous said…
You can totally drive with Karl and I. Uhm, if you don't mind sharing a hotel room with a boy, you can room with us too.
kristy said…
Hi Denise,

I saw your post yesterday. I'm the BlogHer Conference organizer -- please let me know if you're really serious in a carpool! GM might be able to provide a hybrid vehicle for you and one or two other bloggers if you're interested.

I can be reached at
Adrienne said…
Hi, I don't have a room, but I need a room mate, so we could get a room together. Also I am part of a carpool and/or could get a gm car from BlogHer for us to carpool in. Please call me 818-395-6862

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