something shocking!

here's what the kitchen looks like when i'm baking


Nell said…
Me too. Or cooking. Or anything.

(Btw, do you need help getting your pictures right side up - I'm remembering the flowers picture... - I can help if you need it!)
kitty said…
oh that's NOTHIN' - when Christmas rolls around I'll have to take a picture of the mess I make with my annual cookie bonanza

p.s. I LOVE your counter tops!!
Anonymous said…
Ahhh Southern California, home of the granite counter tops! Mine looks the same. Always. ;)
Trish said…
Wow...didn't know one could make their kitchen go vertical when backing!

LOL - that is why I don't cook, the mess would drive me nutty!
Trish said…
That should have read "baking" LOL

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