Things I have not bought

I thought it would be fun (for me and for TCB) to list all of the things I covet that I have NOT bought this week (since receiving my annual bonus):

These shoes
This computer
This sectional
This lamp or this one
This dress, and this one, and this one, not even this one

I do not know what this means, but I think I ought to get some sort of award for allowing money to sit in my bank account for a week without a single, crazy, impulse purchase.

That is all for now.


Unknown said…
She keeps talking about it. She will come around the front door and see a package there with a new Apple Computer that I keep saying that we need, that she keeps telling me no. I just had a pay audit and they said the US Government owes me money. I just want to upgrade my laptop since mine is around 4 years old and weighs 8lbs. Can't a guy want a little Macbook Air for himself.
Marla said…
I think you'd better buy those shoes.

Yeah, I know I'm not helping :-)
Trish said…
Okay, since you aren't buying you about you buy me that sectional? Girl, we have the same taste! I've been eyeing that sectional!

Love the lamps too!

Need my address for shipping? LOL

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