Looks like we made it

Wow, I'm using Barry Manilow songs as titles for my posts now. Yes, that's where I am.

Anyway, just a quick post to say that I've survived (barely), that I spent a kick-butt weekend with Alcott and his brothers (seriously, if you haven't hung out with teenaged boys in a while, I highly recommend it because you'll appreciate the silence and tidiness of your pitiful abode far more once they're home again), and that I powered through 550 emails for work as well as 99 personal emails today. (Where do I go to buy carbon offsets for all of my electronic mail - yegods!)

My husband (aka TCB) will definitely be coming home earlier than expected. He has now been given a choice of any time between January and April, whatever works best for him and his command. When asked for input, I said that I wanted him home tomorrow or, possibly, this evening. (I'm tired and the cat box upstairs needs changing. Honestly.) Since that was not one of my choices, I turned it back over to him to choose when to return. His choice? February or March. Granted, I'll be Beyond Busy in January and the first half of February but still...what about the whole "love and support on the home front" thing??? Don't make me come home at some disgusting hour of the night with cold take out, the four (hungry) cats, and whatever is on the DVR to keep me company. (Please.) Come home, Snoopy...come home!

Alright, I've clearly typed too much for the day because my brain is shutting down and intelligent thought has long-since ceased.

Oh, wait, I just had a thought...can we still do Operation "All I really want for Christmas, Part Deux" if you're about to leave the ship, TCB? I was really looking forward to you finding someone who needed masses of holiday cards from home so that I could make their day by giving their address to all of my (four not counting you) faithful readers. Can we still make that happen??? If you're not coming home, then this is what I want for Christmas!!!


Jenn said…
That's great that he'll be able to come home early! One of my coworkers nephew just got back from Iraq several months earlier than expected, so her family is just thrilled right now.
Marla said…
I will be happy to write to any sailors who need letters from home - so long as they understand I am married and old enough to be their mother!
Minniepins said…
Just chiming in...late...so you get your four count...LOL... I've got two and one of those is my mother, so don't throw the pity-party yet!!

And ditto to what marla said...but I can let them dream, right?!?!

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