Short and sweet

No, the title of this post does not refer to me but rather to my posting philosophy. Let's see, what might be interesting that I can post?

* I started having symptoms of a cold on Monday, the same day I went in for Part Deux of my periodontal surgery. (Woo. Hoo.) Have to breathe through my mouth which dries out my gums which hurts like...well, it hurts and we'll just leave it at that

* After telling everyone I'd be back to work on Wednesday, I'm now just hoping to go in tomorrow. The combination of cold and PAIN has not made my recovery swift or pleasant

* Insurance isn't going to pay for most of the very expensive work I've had done thus far which means we're in the hole again after I thought my bonus would get us ahead

* I've got Alcott and his younger brothers staying with me over the weekend. Normally, I'd be overjoyed but I could really use a quiet weekend without stressing over cleaning and getting food in

* It's weeks like this one that make me glad TCB might be coming home sooner than planned. Originally his assignment was to keep him overseas until June of next year and now it seems he could be home earlier. I'm not going to jinx it by putting the month in writing, but suffice it to say that I'm suddenly feeling more motivated to clean out the unsorted through stuff in the garage so that his Jeep can park next to Esme the Escape

* Is anyone else annoyed that there doesn't seem to be a "Premiere Week" for television any more? I have no idea if my favorite shows are cancelled or just starting some time in October and that's just too much ambiguity for me to handle. And what's up with all of these shows that only have like eight episodes per season??? Perhaps I've been sick too long?

Anyway, I got to talk to my darling husband for the first time in weeks this morning and that's the very best thing ever.


Bluegrass Mama said…
I'll jump to the good news and say how exciting that TCB may be home sooner than planned! And I hope you're feeling better enough by the weekend that you can truly enjoy Alcott & Co.

And no, I don't miss premier week at all, because all my favorite shows are still on. College football, major league baseball, and eventually college basketball. They all get renewed every year!
Anonymous said…
Oh the tv thing annoys me too. I've been posting daily over at Snackie TeeVee and I keep wondering the same thing. Why can't it all just come back in one week?

Also, feel better!
Marla said…
"That's too much ambiguity for me to handle." Heh. I'm with you!
kitty said…
I'm scared to go to the dentist (I haven't been in 8 years) because I'm afraid of what it will cost... we have NO insurance!!

and I'm with you on the whole tv thing!! there doesn't seem to be real seasons at all anymore... and this 8 episodes thing is just ridiculous... it's no wonder so many AWESOME shows aren't lasting

did you see - it looks like there will be NO MORE Swingtown!! =(

double =(

anyway YAY for getting to talk to your man!! WOO HOO

and I'm sorry you're not feeling well - I hope you're all better soon!! =)

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