Eighteen months and counting

Today is technically our eighteen month anniversary although we've only been together in the same room for 10 weeks out of those eighteen months, but that's OK. He's with me each and every day in spirit, and I know he'll be home soon for good. In the meantime, I count the milestones off like a catechism...

Tuesday was the last Veterans Day he'll be gone
Three weeks from today will be the last Thanksgiving he'll be gone
Next month will mark the last Christmas and New Year's Eve he'll be gone
January brings the last Super Bowl he'll be gone
February will have me celebrating Valentine's Day without him, but it will be the last one

Happy Eighteen Months, TCB...you're still the only one for me.


Anonymous said…
Happy 18 Months!
Unknown said…
This is such a funt time I figure I should join the MSC and keep doing it. LOL

I haven't found out what I want to do yet but I keep telling my wife crazy things to drive her nuts.

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