Writing when you have nothing to say

I sit here, on the couch, television in the background, trying to think of something interesting to write about, but nothing comes. It's not that there aren't things going on in my life, it's just that I can't form the words to explain them. (Can't or won't? Not really sure.)

There are, however, a few things I know without doubt...

1. The depression is coming again, and it will not beat me
2. Failure is not an option. My family needs me - they need me to be strong - and I will not fail them
3. Sometimes the only way through Hell is just to keep on walking

I'm putting on my walking shoes and I'll write more when the words come.


Unknown said…
I think I write more on here than my own blog. Maybe if I wrote something people would read it. Who knows. My life is just plain boring.

Also you think my loving wife would let me straight post, no she has to review what I say. More than likely to correct my grammar and spelling.

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