Asking for help

I'm reliably informed that tomorrow is the "strongest fundraising day of the year" due to the fact that it's the last day to make a charitable contribution that can be taken against your 2008 tax due. If that's the case and you're interested in reducing the check you have to write to the IRS or your state taxing agency, please consider clicking on the pink widget on the right and below this message to make a donation in support of my 60 mile walk to help fight breast cancer.

As a reminder, I'll be walking in celebration of my mother's fight against breast cancer. She has had two surgeries in the last month and the doctor is so far cautiously optimistic about her chances of staying cancer-free: I know that this is possible due to the advances in early detection and treatment that past fundraising has paid for. I want to make survival possible for more women and ensure that even more effective treatments continue to be discovered, so I'm going to move my slothful butt 60 miles down the road (in Washington, DC) next October - can you help me reach my fundraising goal?

Note: If you aren't able to afford to donate all at once, you can spread your donation out over as many as four installments - more information available here.


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