Stupid, stupid, STUPID Navy

Oh my gosh, I am so pissed off. TCB just let me know that the Navy wants to keep him where he is for another year. Another freakin' year. He's already been there 18 months of his original 24 month assignment and then they said they'd send him home before our anniversary in April so that he could do some transitional activities before his forced retirement at the end of January 2010. Now because of budget constraints, they want to keep him there for a total of 30 months. Sucky suck McSuckerson!!!

I want him home. I want him home now. The cats want him home. He won't be home when Alcott graduates in June or when he leaves for college in August (and takes a chunk of my heart with him). He won't be home for youth soccer season and they desperately need coaches in our neighborhood. I've been counting off all of the "lasts" throughout the year and now they're not. (Lasts, that is.) Another anniversary alone. Another 4th of July alone. Both of our birthdays alone. Halloween alone. Oh, no...he won't be home when I walk in the 3-day in October! He won't be here to hold my hand when I have dental surgeries #2 or 3 in the Spring and Autumn.

And yet I still have it much better than he does. I've got my beautiful new home, our furrkids, friends, and family who love me. I've got Alcott and his siblings. Work sucks some days but at least I can come home when I'm done whereas TCB is "at work" 24/7, 365 days a year. I seriously don't know how to make this better but I know something's got to give.


Jenn said…
I'm sorry, Denise :( It doesn't matter how good a lot of things are in your life, it doesn't take away the fact that your husband is away and you have every right to want him home.
Lori G. said…
I'm really sorry. That stinks. Yes, there's a lot of good things but the big thing in your life is gone and that's not fair.

Hang in there.
KTB_ said…
I wish there was something I could say to make it better. I wish I could help.

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