Things to do before Christmas

  1. Schedule appointment for teeth cleaning and bone regeneration surgery in January (must be done before TCB's insurance rolls over to another year)
  2. Pick up special order antacid gel for Dave (the cat) so that his phosphate levels don't put him back into the hospital
  3. Wash sheets and comforter cover in guest room; remake bed with clean linens and add blanket (before Mom gets here tomorrow night)
  4. Buy supplies from grocery store for potluck dishes I need to bring to work on Christmas Eve
  5. Reschedule several product releases
  6. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up so that I can complete my performance goals that were due back in October
  7. Clean the dreck out of my office before my mom comes to work with me on Christmas Eve
  8. Mail Christmas cards (late). Still need stamps.
  9. Collect mail so that I can get the stamps I ordered from (see item 8 above)
  10. Take the good Christmas CDs home so that I can play them for Christmas dinner
  11. Clean the entire house. This includes but is not limited to: vacuum every flat surface in the house to pick up copious amounts of cat hair, polish every wood, marble, granite, or stainless steel surface after vacuuming, wash the slipcovers for the couch and chaise in order to remove pet hair and fast food stains, locate and iron the table cloth, run the white china through the dishwasher so that it's ready for dinner, clean the mirrors in powder room and guest bathroom, run the guest bathroom rug through the dryer to remove cat hair, and find (or buy new) candlesticks for dining room table for Christmas dinner. I have to have all of this done before my mom gets here tomorrow afternoon. *sigh*
  12. Find some Christmas spirit.

Just call me Scrooge McDuck!


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