You take the good, you take the bad

What we write on our online journals is never really private, so it's not safe to reveal some things at work which are making me miserable. Rather, it's not safe to complain about a certain person at work who is making me miserable. Never mind, that's what my poor offline friends are for, right?

In nearly every other aspect of my life, things are looking much better than a week ago. Dave T Cat has been eating, mostly the dry food but still eating, and the whole subcutaneous fluids thing is getting easier, so that's good news. He's got a follow up appointment with the vet tomorrow, so we shall see what his laboratory work looks like after that.

Mom had her second surgery on Friday morning and came through like a champion. Two days later, she's off for her morning walk after finding a sweatshirt bulky enough to cover up the drain she's got to have in for a little while longer. If her biggest worry is how to cover up the drain, I think she's well on the road to recovery. Honestly, I know I sometimes moan about the Crazy English Lady, but I do love my mum something fierce and I'm so glad she's going to be OK.

I'd been sort of moping about the whole holiday thing as well. I mean, TCB is still gone and it's not like I'm going to have company over the holidays, so I was procrastinating doing much of anything around here as a silly waste of time. And then I remembered that I would be here over the holidays and I'm worth the trouble, so I tootled down to Target to buy some holiday decorations for the outside of the house. I got one of those twinkling light strings designed to go over a hedge or bush like a net, plus some poinsettias, and a 6' high red twinkly Christmas tree to go on the lawn. I also found the red and green quilted throw Mom gave me a few years ago, so it's out on the chaise lounge. Combine that with the jingle bell wreath hanging from the front door, the holiday hand towels in the powder room, and the kitchen towels, too, and we're finally beginning to get a bit of the spirit of Christmas in the Denise/TCB household. I think I'll go back this afternoon to grab a couple more poinsettias plus some Christmas Tree-looking garland to wrap around the plant bases on the ledge outside the front windows. It will entertain the cats as well as the neighbors, so that's all good. Perhaps I'll even get out my tabletop, ornament-hanging tree as well.

Oooh, I think it's starting to rain - how wonderful! Must grab wellies and go splash in a puddle!!!


Unknown said…
You know it is funny that my wife frets over holiday decorations for Christmas. I keep forgetting to tell my wife that I am not big into the holidays. Well I actually hate the holidays. The stores are packed and everyone is going crazy about gifts. I would rather give my wife a gift becuase it strikes my fancy than for a reason that someone came up with. Come on the three wise man didn't come bearing gifts till January.
Jenn said…
I'm glad to hear that your mom and cat are doing well. I hope we keep hearing good updates about them both :)
Lori G. said…
Yes, you are SO worth it. Plus it will cheer you and anyone visiting you up to know you're taking care of yourself. I'm glad that Dave is feeling better and even more glad to hear about your mom.

Take care!

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