No brain cells left to come up with a snappy title

Now that it's officially 2009, I need to stop pretending that I can continue to leave half of my garage covered in boxes from our move LAST YEAR. TCB will be home early in April (have you seen my ticker???) and there are still at least 50 boxes to be unpacked in the garage. This is not good. I will not be one of those people who can only park one car in the garage because the rest is used for storage of crap that just needs to be thrown out because really, if it's been in there nearly a year, clearly it's not useful stuff.

TCB, would you divorce me if I just hired a junk removal company to take away everything except your bicycles and golf clubs??? (And my beautiful sweaters that disappeared, assuming that they're out there somewhere and not in the shopping cart of a warm and happy homeless person.) (And some of the multitudinous Christmas decorations that are ALL OVER out there. Not all of them, but some.)

I also need to give up my procrastination about finishing up the inside of the house by completing long-overdue items such as:

1. Hanging up pictures on the walls. Most rooms are bare with the pictures sitting on the floor. (This is not an artistic statement about the hypocrisy of hanging pictures on a wall, it's just sheer laziness.)

2. Setting up the office to be something other than a storage room for boxes and boxes of electronic crap. Seriously, we have like 5 wireless router/modem thingies in there. Not counting the Apple Airport Extreme that I can't get connected properly so that I can dump the crappy and expensive (but functional) wireless router from the cable/internet company. Three printers. Two monitors. Two CPUs. Oh yes, and the second catbox required because I have more than two cats. It's a lovely room, really.

3. Vacuum all of the carpet so that I can get out the little green spot cleaning machine to get all of the barf stains from Dave's prolonged sickness out of the carpet. There was no point while he was still actively creating more but, well, that's not a problem anymore. (And frankly? It makes me sad to see them because they remind me of him.)

And the list goes on. It's so tempting just to wait until TCB gets home and then greet him with a smile and a, "Hey, here's your list of things to do before I get home...I'm off for a weekend at the spa in Austin," but it would be really sad if we got divorced after surviving two years apart, don't you think?

This weekend I'm going for a massage and facial at a nearby day spa, and then getting my hair cut and brows waxed. When all else fails, a girl's got to take care of herself.


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