Out with the old and in with the new (attitude, that is)

I'm not doing the "resolution" thing because, well, I have enough pressure on me trying to come up with my performance goals at work and I don't want my brain to explode. Instead I'm just throwing this out there: in 2009, I want to cry less and enjoy my life more. That's it. Nothing fancy, it's not SMART (well, actually, I think it is now that I give that some more thought), just enjoying life. If I get laid off or fired or we lose our house...then it happens. Worrying and crying and generally wasting the wonderful life I have in the meantime is stupid and it's actually making me crazy. Which I can do just fine on my own, thankyouverymuch.


Sueellen said…
I know exactly what you mean, I am really going to try in 2009 to not worry so much and to focus more on the important things in life. I don't comment here often but be assured that I read you every day!! HUGS

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