Who's the biggest geek in this picture???

The first session of my Project Management class was last night and I went into Geek overload. My perfectly sharpened pencils lined up perfectly in a row, which were also color coordinated with my rollie laptop bag and my tres chic purse. My three textbooks (already partially read because I didn't want to fall behind) stacked on top of one another next to the pretty pink MacBook. Holding down my hand so as not to ALWAYS be the first to blurt out the answer.

Oh yes, my friends, I'm well on my way to winning the title "Most Hated Girl" in class. Actually, I think I'm the ONLY girl in class. There's another person of the female persuasion in class, too, but she's more of a "woman" than a "girl". (Her disdainful glances at my pink laptop and cute purse were enough to tell me that. I mentally thought to myself, "Go ahead, discount my intellect because of my unnatural need to coordinate my accessories and carry cute purses...I'm totally going to kick your butt in the project simulation portion of this program.") I've already decided that I'm going to achieve both my PMP certification AND the UCSD Project Management certificate...because that's how we overachieving uberGeeks roll!

Call me in a few weeks when I'm lying on my bed, rocking back and forth, bemoaning how much work this all is.


Jenn said…
Scott is supposed to get his PMP sometime this year, too. He isn't REALLY a PM any more, he now manages all the PMs at his new company, but his boss still wants him to get it... just to say another person at the company has it, I think.
Unknown said…
Yes this is the woman is married to a man whose wardrobe consists of flannel and hawaii print shirts. Well that is what it was when I left.
Minniepins said…
HAHA LOVE your definition of "woman" opposed to "girl." Definitely makes me the latter!! My wii fit board has a pink cover...pink telephone...boring BLACK laptop tho -- only because I get castoffs from my husband aka KGB - king of geek boys.

Anyway, congrats on the continuing ed - I'm in the throes of that myself, but am decidedly not a geek ;-)
The Peanut said…
I'd rather have you than the "woman" as a classmate!

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