70 Before Her 70th

My mom's 70th birthday is on Monday, February 23rd. You will remember that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery a few monts ago. Now she's on an oral estrogen inhibitor now and the doctors believe that her long-term prognosis is good. What you might not know is that she's also a seven-year survivor of colon cancer - a remarkable fact given the grim prognosis for many people with that same disease. She's defied the odds before and I have faith that she will do so again.

But she sounds scared when we talk on the phone for our daily check-in each morning. She's worried that she doesn't have the fight left in her to kick cancer's a@@ again. I keep reassuring her and telling her that I'll be walking 60 miles in October to help fund new and better treatments and - eventually - a cure, but she doesn't sound convinced. So I came up with this crazy idea: what if 70 people she's never met all made a donation before her 70th birthday? I've got 13 donations so far, so it's just 57 to go - what do you say? I don't care how much the amount of the donation is, I just want to be able to show her that if 70 total strangers have faith in her ability to beat cancer again, she should, too. (It would be great if you posted a comment here, too, so that I can show her your words of support.)

If you're "in", just click on the pink 3-Day widget in the right column of this page and it will take you to my fundraising page. After you donate, you'll receive a receipt for your '09 taxes via email, so be sure to give them your correct email address.

Thank you for your consideration!


Minniepins said…
Denise, I'm afraid my husband will have my head if I spend even a dollar more at the moment. Both my grown children are having major financial difficulties, and our own finances aren't so brilliant for now, either. Whine, whine, whine.

I DO, however, wish you dear mother all the very best and hope that will count for at least a little something. Best of wishes to you both!

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