"Denise does a wonderful job for her writers"

Ten random thoughts that floated through my head at some point today:
* Wham was so underrated as a musical force for good in the world
* I wonder how long I can go without doing laundry again?
* I think my cat has a very old soul
* Damn, I love my legs!
* You are such a pompous ass
* What can I sell out of the garage that will net me enough money to get a mani/pedi before TCB gets home???
* Which would I rather do without, toilet paper or moisturizer?
* I really need to give up caffeine for Lent
* Mmmmmm, chocolate
* I wonder what TCB is doing right now?


Nell said…
the second one, the answer is directly related to the number of panties owned.
Unknown said…
Eating lunch but now reading your blog. LOL
Trish said…
@ Nell - or she could just go and buy more :)

As for Wham!...LOVE that thought :)

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