Denise wants more babies from Charlie Sheen*

You'll think I'm crazy, but I'm getting really nervous about TCB's homecoming. Not the way you might suspect - will we get along? will I still love him? will he still love me? - but on a far more superficial level: I have to share my spectacular home with someone else and I don't know if I can handle that. I have a not-so-mild form of OCD and little details make me crazy. Will he remember to line the faucet and handle up perfectly over the middle of the sink in the kitchen? Will he try to hang the toilet paper roll the wrong way? Will he know that shoes must be perfectly parallel to each other when put away? Yes, I'm really obsessing over such things while counting down the minutes until he's here. Crazy much, Denise?

* I couldn't figure out what to title today's post, so I Googled "Denise wants" and choose my favorite from the results


Jenn said…
I think what you're feeling is totally, 100% normal. Of course you want him home without a doubt, but now that the day is getting closer you're thinking about things beyond just wanting him THERE and I completely understand everything you just thought of. I'm sure the thrill of having him home will last a long time, then you can start "training" him ;)

My biggest issue, if I had not been living with a man for a while, would be suddenly having my toilet seat left up. I don't complain to Scott about it, because it's really not a big deal, but it's probably my favorite thing about being alone when he's out of town.
Unknown said…
Well I have OCD PD which means I have slight OCD Tendicies like my wife but I don't check the door lock five times. I do like things certain ways and it is worse with stress. I have been told it is a common trait with Nuke's, the smartest Navy people. I guess since my IQ is on the borderline of genius it is understandable.

Things that have to be to make me happy so I am not so OCD.

OK you ready.

Are you really ready.

The toilet seat down after I pee. I am for real on this one.
Minniepins said…
I googled mine and got "whatever Daisy wants, Daisy gets"

I'm OCD too, by the by....but love really DOES conquer all ;-)

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