Dresses fit for a Princess

I just found out about Princess Project...what a great idea! I've got a dress, shawl, and elbow-length gloves that I was trying to sell on eBay that I think have just found a home. I wish I'd known about this organization before I gave away so many beautiful ballgowns this past year - especially because you know some size 16W princess is going to swoon when she sees that beautiful things come in her size, too.


Marla said…
I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old, my mother bought me a couple of bridesmaid or prom dresses from the Goodwill - they were a little big, but the dress-up opportunities were fantastic! I had two princess dresses, one yellow and one blue.

So even if you didn't give your ballgowns to this organization, they probably still went to good use.

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