I've been remiss

I haven't been here since last month - yikes. I always have good intentions of writing something...and then it doesn't happen. I wonder why that is. Anywho...

I saw this in a store window and fell in love. I've been thinking of getting an metal water bottle instead of my plastic cup because I keep reading about how the plastic is going to give me brain cancer or shingles or whatever it is. This bottle has the added benefit of being cute, so that's extra motivation!

I am in the midst of creating a prioritized list of items that must be done before TCB comes home, then deconstructing that list to create a PBL (product backlog) of smaller tasks that can be assigned and then completed. If this sounds awfully work-like, well, it is. You see, while I am slack as all get out in matters related to my home, I am actually pretty well thought of as a "go-getter" at work because I get things finished. (Yes, that makes me laugh, too.) I figure that, if I treat this huge pile of work that needs to be accomplished in 31 days (omigosh) the way I would treat it as a Project Manager, I can figure out what can be finished with the current resources (that would be me), ask for additional resources (my friends and/or a paid organizer and/or a cleaning service), and add things to the next 30 day sprint (list of things for TCB to do once he's home) that will not fit into these 31 days no matter how many friends I entice over to help.

Believe it or not, I haven't needed to use my handy-dandy brown paper (Starbucks!) bag once today to stave off a panic attack - yay me! Yesterday found me bent over in my chair hyperventilating into that lovely bag three times, hence the plan to organize/prioritize/treat this disaster I call my home life like a work project. You know, the project plan is really looking so beautiful that I think I might post it tomorrow for everyone to admire - huzzah.

One of the tasks on the list should look like this:
Problem = I'm losing my grip on reality
Task = Call in-patient mental facility to make appointment
Predecessor = None
Time estimate = 10 minutes
Can be delegated? = oh heck yeah!
Due date = Yesterday

Yes indeedy do, nothing like a good list to wash away all of your troubles!!!


Kim said…
I've been eying one of those water bottles as well. I should get myself one as a treat if I reach one of my goals!

We prioritize our tasks too. It feels better to cross things off the list when we're done ;)
lisah said…
Nice to hear from you. I soooo know what you mean about trying to get things done at home. Here I sit with dishes in the sink, laundry on the floor but my work projects are ahead of schedule and perfect...someday, I will get organized at home!
Anonymous said…
I know exactly what you mean about how overwhelming all the projects seem to be. I've been effectively ignoring all of mine for awhile now.

I recently bought myself a really cute metal water bottle at Old Navy. I think it was only about $7 or so, and the patterns were very similar to the one you posted. Quite the deal!

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