Bright new day

First, let me apologize for the fact that several of my graphics on the sidebar have been messed up for some period of time. (Not sure how long since I never look at my own blog.) I've migrated them over from the old (paid) hosting service to a new (free) one and hope they will play nicely forever and ever after.

Next, I have exciting news to share: my carrots are beginning to sprout! Yes indeed, we are one step closer to cream of carrot soup, my friends. I will also be planting beets in the garden tonight, so start sending in your favorite beet (or beetroot for my British friends) recipes.

OK, I'm off to another meeting...ta ta for now.


Bluegrass Mama said…
Ooh, I love cream of carrot soup! Though that recipe is nothing whatsoever like mine. I'm wondering if I need to branch out...

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