Bump, bump, bump

Well, my first day of Ten in '10 was about as I'd expected...tough and unpleasant. Because of my diabetes, whenever I radically change my eating habits I have a few days of feeling icky (shaky, headaches, nausea) before things settle back down. I was expecting that, so no surprise, but I was much grouchier than I'd expected...a gift from the menopause, I'm suspecting.

In terms of activity we had a complete bust. First I was late leaving for the Y because Al the Pug broke a very large glass vase in the downstairs bathroom and I had to deal with that before I could leave. Then, when I got there (already 10 minutes late for class), I found that there was no parking for at least four blocks surrounding the building. OK, lesson learned: get to new (to me) gym at least 30 minutes before class starts in order to find parking, pay day use fee, change in locker room, and get out to pool. Oh, well...I now have six days to get in five days of exercise, so that's still OK.

As for this morning, I think the cold I've been fighting has suddenly caught up with me because I'm lying here feeling like a truck ran over me and wondering if we have enough Kleenex in the house. Yikes! Think I'll go into work to clear my desk before coming back here to sleep the day away...I don't need a cold to blow up into something more serious because I didn't want to rest.


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