Day 3 - Not so bad

OK, it was pretty bad yesterday. No, I wasn't really hungry hungry, but I just felt out of sorts...not myself. And I couldn't figure it out for a bit because I knew it wasn't hunger...and then I got it: I'm used to eating huge quantities of food at the same time, so just not being hungry doesn't cut it, I wanted to feel enormously full and I wasn't. And I'm not going to be ever again (God willing). And I'm sad about that, but I'm going to be OK with it because I have to be.

I'm nor sure if this is related or not, but I couldn't really relax and let myself go at yoga class last night. My feet and hands were restless, my mind was darting everywhere. Some of this might be the diet, it might be related to my impending visit from Aunt Flo, or it could just be because it was Monday - I don't know, but I was really looking forward to the total relaxation and am still resentful that I didn't get it.

Tonight after work is water aerobics at the Y which will be my first aerobic exercise since starting on the diet, so we shall see how that goes. I haven't even been walking Al (which I really ought to be) because I just don't have the energy...maybe I need to move my meals around to make me feel better before class? Let me think about that. Meantime, I'm surviving quite nicely and think I might be able to keep this up for a while.


gingersnapper said…
I've gone through that, where "not hungry" isn't enough, I want to feel VERY FULL. Thankfully that era is over for the time being, but I don't have any clues about what changed. So, no helpful advice from me, just a "I've been there too" comment.
Anonymous said…
Oh boy do I understand the wanting to feel Extra Full! I guess people just don't talk about that part of dieting very much, do they? I don't want to be simply satisfied, I want to say AHHHHH after a meal and not even THINK about food for a while.

Sounds like you are doing well, overall! Good for you! Keep it up. I think the cardio will really help--plus good sleep.

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