Day 6, 260 to go - A day off from work (but not from diet)

Hello sports fans...I'm coming to you today on a rare day off from work and I'm loving it. I've already dropped off like 35 pounds of TCB's dress shirts and pants at the "in by 8, out by 5" cleaners, another 30 pounds of cashmere sweaters and work dresses at the environmentally friendly dry cleaners, picked up my pants from the tailors, dropped my ring at the jewelers to be resized, and found a fluff and fold laundry place here in North County San Diego. (I'll be dropping about 30 pounds of laundry off there between 4:00 and 6:00 pm tonight!) All of this is very exciting! Still to do: meet TCB at work so that we can get new base stickers and ID cards, visit IHM to pick up some additional meals, bars, cereal, and soup mix, go grocery shopping for fruit and veggies, and meet up with Alcott at some point so that I can give him his mail. (Plus dropping off the rest of the laundry at the fluff and fold!)

What I did NOT do this morning was go to water aerobics at the Y. I will need to get in an hour of cardio some time today...shouldn't be too difficult. Oh yes, and I went to Rubio's with TCB last night to support our local high school lacrosse team fundraiser and iced tea. Seriously. I sat there and watched TCB eat three World Famous Fish Tacos plus chips and beans, and I had nothing. I thought long and hard about whether I should order the Health Mex Veggie Burrito without rice and then dump the tortilla since that would just leave grilled veggies and beans - all of which I'm allowed in unlimited amounts - but decided it was a slippery slope and best avoided, so I did. (Yay me!)


gingersnapper said…
That TCB: is he the kind of guy who eats double his bodyweight every day and doesn't gain weight? Cause I have one of those husbands too.
lisah said…
Yeah you is right!! Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
Hey, Me Too! What is it with these men? My husband is 54 and weighs what he did in college. NO FAIR.

Anyway, you did GREAT, Denise...esp. realizing the slippery slope!


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