End of Day 4, 262 to go - Getting better

I really think I hit some kind of wall last night...and then broke through it while I slept. Today things were much easier in general and definitely with the diet. I'm super tired tonight but not in that "I think something ran me over several times today" kind of way, just tired after a long day. I did my yoga class tonight and it was good even though there was a particularly whiny, complaining woman who dropped in to check out the class before signing up. Yeesh, she almost ruined my relaxation! Anyway, she let the instructor know at the end that our little class wasn't what she was looking for because it wasn't focused enough on the traditional poses which was her desired focus for yoga, so she'll be looking elsewhere. (Oh, what a shame.)

I probably shouldn't write about this but the diet is having positive effects on my insides as well as (hopefully) my waist. I've noticed that my digestive system is working as it's supposed to and so are my bathroom visits. Plus, I haven't had reflux since I started on the diet, which is a real bonus because I don't want to take medication for that, too.

Tomorrow is my last work day of the week (yay) and will feature water aerobics at the Y after work, so hopefully it's another good, strong day on my path of better health.


gingersnapper said…
Yay! I'm glad you are seeing positive results from the diet. I know it will help to focus on that.

I know this is Diet 101, but don't forget to reward yourself with non-food things that you enjoy. For me, food was always the highlight of the day and I felt very let down if every meal wasn't a gourmet feast. So I think it's important to include as much pleasure in your life as possible, to counteract the boot camp feeling. (I already gave you some tips about that ;-)
Anonymous said…
Ooooohhh....I second gingersnapper! Gifts to yourself! You are "just doing it!" YAY! 4 days in and already some great body happenings!
Anonymous said…
If Oprah and Alicia Silverstone can discuss "bathroom visits" on national TV http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/27/alicia-silverstone-oprah_n_439218.html
, you certainly can bring it up on your blog!

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