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Wow, it was really cool to hear from a few long-time readers after yesterday's post - you guys are awesome. I really appreciate the support and suggestions...just know that I'm still trying to figure things out, so I'm still a little short on detail.

(Interesting side note: I only told TCB about my latest shenanigans after I'd posted here. Yes, you guys knew - and still know more - before he did.)

Anyway, I joined up with a great group of folks trying to start (or strengthen) a fitness regime over at Ten in '10. The idea is that you declare your goals and your commitments and then check in to see how you're doing. There's a Twitter group, too, so that you can follow how the others are doing. So, here's how it breaks down for me...

Lead a healthy life, including exercise on most days of the week, eating low-fat food more than not, and dealing with stress without turning to food. All of this to be accomplished without becoming obsessive.

For ten weeks, I will
1. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. This can be anything that moves my body...I'm looking at Water Exercise, Tai Chi, and Relaxing Yoga at the Y, Beginning Spinning at the gym at work, walking or riding bikes with TCB around the neighborhood, and using my new Wii Fit and EA Active games.

2. Eat low fat meals 6 days a week. (I'm giving myself permission to have one day a week off plan...less likely to get obsessive-y if I'm not perfect.) I'm shooting for less than 20% of calories from fat but that's not a rigid requirement and I'm still going to work on getting more good fats like olive oil and avocado into my eating

3. Eat 2 fruits and 3 veggies a day. This one will be tough, I'll admit, because I'm terrible about getting the fruit and vegg in, but that's the point, right?

My motivation? To feel better at the end of the day, to sleep well, and not to have near-constant pain in my lower back and hips.

Reward for successful completion of 10 weeks of this plan? To attend FitBloggin' 10 in Baltimore in March. We have friends just outside Baltimore plus I'd love to noodle around DC with TCB for the rest of the week.

Ten weeks to a healthier lifestyle...I'm in.


Jenn said…
I'm going to sign up for local, organic produce delivery. I think spending the $ and having it delivered to my door will force me to eat more veggies and try new recipes since it won't be the same standard carrots/onions/potatoes from the store every week.
neca said…
Glad to see you blogging! I've been reading for a LOOOONG time, although I don't comment a lot.

Anyway, sounds like a great, workable, plan!

Two things help me with veggies:

I "hide" them in other food, adding raw spinach to a smoothie, or wilted spinach or shredded zucchini to spagetti sauce for example.

When the Green Giant steam in bag veggies go on sale I stock up. They are pretty tasty. I'll just toss a box in with the rest of my lunch and either mix it in or eat it on the side.

Maybe one of those will work for you.

Take care, happy new year, and I look forward to reading about your success!

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