Start Day - 237.4 pounds

Well, it took a little longer than expected, but I started on the HMR Healthy Solutions diet plan today. I'm feeling pretty wretched at this point...not hungry, but light-headed and out of sorts. From the blogs I've read from others who have already been successful in this diet, it ought to be 2-3 days before I start feeling a little better, so I'm giving myself permission to feel icky until after Tuesday - if it goes any longer than that, I'll need to think about going to see my new doctor.

I haven't had any exercise today but I have yoga tomorrow and I'm going to do my best to get in a 50 minute walk in the morning before work (we'll see how that goes). I want to give this plan a fair shake for success and the exercise is certainly a big piece of that, so I'm hoping the icky/light-headed thing passes over night.

You know, I think I'm most worried about breakfast. I like a really hearty breakfast and now I'm going to be having a smoothie/shake...perhaps I ought to start a count-down to my next egg? Looks like sometime around my birthday in October if the weight loss estimates of 2-3 pounds a week hold true.

Today's entrees were Turkey Chili with Beans and Beef and Bean Enchiladas. Both were good, which is encouraging, and I added two servings of veggies to each. Can I tell you how much I love that this diet counts starchy veggies as unlimited/free? Potatoes? Yes! Peas? Yes! Corn (oh, how I love my corn)? Yes!!! I very much doubt I'll ever be actually hungry on this plan. Cranky and mentally deprived? Yes. Physically hungry? Probably not. Plenty of calories and just about every food group represented other than bread and I think I can live without bread for 38 weeks. (Think.)

* It occurs to me that this is not my best entry ever...bit all over the place and not terribly coherent. (I'm blaming it on low blood sugar and hoping it passes quickly.) Extra points for you if you've managed to stick with me.

** By the way, I really appreciate the encouraging emails, comments, and Tweets I've been getting from folks. I'm sure you know how much it means to know that you have people rooting for you and for me it's especially nice to see many familiar names in my Inbox, too. If I don't reply to all of you, please know that you were a big part of my overcoming my fear and just getting on with it this week - THANK YOU!!!


Anonymous said…
If I were on that diet, my entry would be discombobulated too. ;)

Good luck sweetie. I hope this works well for you!

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