This is harder than it looks

Work has been stressful for the last week or so. Nothing horrible, just a lot of things needing to be done and the path through the forest isn't straight and clear. Certainly I can handle all of it...I've just been overwhelmed much of the time by the volume of the chaos. Between that and the cold I had earlier in the week, I've been turning to fattening food and large quantities of food to soothe me, and that's got to stop (not just for Ten in '10 but forever).

Also, there has been ZERO activity since starting Ten in '10 and that's definitely not the plan. Thirty minutes a day is totally why am I not doing it? There's a 6:00 pm Gentle Yoga class at the Y tonight or I could take a walk at work or do Just My Size Yoga when I get home, so really no excuses. I'm remembering what motivated me to want to create a healthy lifestyle in the first place (less pain, more happiness) and I need to focus on that instead of food. (Or the couch.)


Anita said…
Hey girl! Good to see you back on the blog!

For this year, I've decided to attack my "new year resolutions" as if they were business goals. I have large annual goals and then break each one down into monthly goals.

For example one of my goals is:
Improve my health and lose 25 lbs.

Then for the month of January, I decided on health goals for that month:
1. Start to exercise - 2 times a week for 20 minutes
2. Eat breakfast every morning.
3. Get a good night's sleep every night without having to take something.
4. Drink only 1 soda a day, max.

Then, for each week, I break those down into smaller baby steps. For example, this week's health goals were:
1. Exercise twice a week.
2. Eat breakfast every morning by 9 AM.
3. Take vitamins.
4. Get to bed before 11 PM.
5. Drink only 1 soda a day, max.

And then every Thursday night (my weeks go Friday to Thursday - weekends are too crazy for me!), I go over the previous week's goals, remark if I did it or not and then make the next week's goal.

See, I've discovered I have to do baby steps. If I jump into something big, I give up very quickly. But if I work into something slowly, taking baby steps along the way, things seem to just evolve into a better life for me. And doing weekly goals keeps me striving towards something, no matter how small, and keeps me accountable.

Just found your blog via FitBloggin and wanted to say HI! Take baby steps in the right direction and before you know it you will be there!
Anita said…
I know I've already left a comment but I saw this video last night and thought you'd find it interesting:

I found it through another website who summarized it as:
"Dan Buettner, a writer for National Geographic, has studied the world’s longest-lived peoples. Most of his findings are summed up in his book, The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest. And here, in this video, he boils things down even further, giving you 9 common diet and lifestyle habits found among the world’s oldest populations"

It kinda touches on what you've been talking about in regards to your health.


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