Day 12, 254 to go - Friends along the way

Yesterday was good. Not just on the diet (although that's true, too) but in general. Quiet day at the office, talked to a great friend for the first time in a long while, nice evening at yoga, and I slept like a log...not much more a girl can reasonably expect.

Tonight is my first Csrdio Polynesian Dance class and I have to say that I'm surprised I'm not freaking out more. I'm planning to get there plenty early and hopefully speak with the instructor before class to let them know that it's my first time in class and ask for any pointers he might have for me. If I can't talk with the instructor then I'll approach another student and ask them the same thing. Once class is finished, I have to jet down to Normal Heights to pick up our 50 pounds of laundry from the laundry by the pound place. I know it's going to be heinously expensive but it's really so very worth it to get it all done without having to spend half/most of my weekend indoors watching the washer and dryer. That reminds me that I've got to pick up the dry cleaning this morning, too...I miss my sweaters!

p.s. I'm looking for some good diet/weight loss/healthy lifestyle blogs to read, so if you have any favorites, would you leave them in the comments? Ta!


Anonymous said…
My 2 favorites are:

Hope you have a good class tonight!


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