Day 13, 253 to go - Revising the plan and a shameless attempt to gain free produce

So, I didn't go to Cardio Polynesian Dance last night but I did run several errands that had been bugging me for days and I'm feeling good about the decision. I might even have to give that class a miss permanently because the timing (it starts at 5:30 pm) doesn't allow me to eat dinner beforehand and that probably isn't going to work for me...last night I was ravenous when I got home and there's no way I could have been hula-ing for 55 minutes in that class. I'm thinking about trying Zumba class tonight at 7:30 pm, so look for a class recap tomorrow.

In other news, I'm trying to be a little tighter with my eating today. Now, let's start right out from the beginning of this discussion by saying that my diet program not only allows me to eat as much of the program foods + fruits and veggies (including pretty much anything that grows from the ground, even potatoes and legumes) as I need to in order to feel full and satisfied, they actually encourage it. (Their slogan is "More is Better".) And, as skeptical as I was when I started, 4.2 pounds lost last week speaks to the fact that it works. So I've been eating two entrees for dinner (about 420 calories combined, on average) plus 2 or 3 veggies (I'm not really measuring them very carefully) and, while that's totally "on plan" (or "in the box" as it's called on the program), I'm thinking that I'm using it as a security blanket to stave off a binge on unhealthy foods by pre-bingeing on program foods and I'd rather not do that. Tonight I'm going to start with just one entree and a weighed and measured two servings of vegetables and see how I do with that. (Might make Zumba more challenging, but I'm willing to risk that.)

Speaking of eating better, Amanda (another priorfatgirl) is running a contest to give away three pounds of Cuties, so I'm linking to her here in case you want to enter, too. If you haven't tried these little jewels of the citrus world, you really ought to because they're tasty, small enough to fit in your purse, and have no annoying seeds to spoil your enjoyment (unlike the tangelos I foolishly picked instead of the Cuties at Fresh & Easy over the weekend). Anyway, since I can have unlimited fruit and veggies, finding high-quality produce at a reasonable price has become sort of an obsession for me, so I'm happy to pass this little tidbit on.


gingersnapper said…
I get what you're saying about the pre-binge! But I don't think it's such a terrible thing; it's allowing you to eat nutritious foods and forgo the junk, that's a net win. If you're ready to let go of that safety net, then it's great you can move on. I've had a lot of success with eating smaller portions with the promise to myself that if I'm still hungry in 30 minutes I'll eat more. It removes a lot of the anxiety about being hungry or unsatisfied, and as it works out I'm almost never hungry later. So I think that will work well for you, start with one entree and see how it goes. I just don't want you to stress yourself by trying too strict a regimen all at once!

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