Day 14, 252 to go - I am a slacker

No Zumba last night. No exercise of any kind. Believe me, I'm disappointed in me, too, but I just wasn't feeling it. I did, however, successfully eat only one entree + two veggies last night, and I wasn't white knuckled or anything. I had two chicken soups plus a bar plus a banana before dinner, though, which is still fewer calories than a second entree would have been.

Well, we're off to the Farmers Market now, so I have to go. Hoping for another fun weekend with The Pug and TCB!


lee said…
hey, girl! i lost you a few computer crashes ago, but i have you bookmarked now.

i met you and tcb when you were in memphis.

i have been on a lifestyle change for a while, and i have lost a total of 73 lbs. from my highest weight.

and i am stuck!

i haven't given myself total free rein, i just haven't been quite vigilant in following my plan to the letter. as long as i don't gain i am good!

i plan on being strict again on mar. 1. i am still looking for a new plan to shake things up!

good to "see" you again!!!

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