Day 15, 251 to go - Weigh in day, week 2

I don't know what's more remarkable, that I've managed to stick with a diet for two whole weeks or that I lost another 4.2 pounds this week, bringing my weight to 229.0. I haven't done either of those things since 2005, before I met TCB or Alcott. Wow.

I want to look at what has worked well for the last two weeks and what I can do better.

1. What worked well
a. Ate enough on program food, trusting myself not to binge

b. Established a yoga routine that I love

c. Listened to my body and canceled social obligations after work when I was tired instead of going out and potentially breaking my diet

d. Writing here more regularly helped me stay accountable in the beginning and has reinforced my positive behaviors

2. What I can do better
a. Psyched myself out of getting enough exercise by putting too much pressure on myself - I looked at the 2,000 calories burned per week plank for the program and decided that any workouts I did needed to be at least 50 minutes so that I could "get it over with" with just five workouts a week. But it's crazy to expect that someone who's been a total couch potato for years would suddenly be able to work out for 50 minutes at a time, consistently
Possible new strategies: break exercise into smaller chunks (25 minutes twice a day), stick with non-threatening exercise options (walking, Walk Away the Pounds, possibly Wii if I can figure out how to use it)

b. Still eating when I'm bored instead of when I'm physically hungry - I think this one is going to require working with an eating disorder specialist and for now I'm going to let myself be OK with it because it's keeping me on program overall

I think that's it for me today...if I think of anything else I'll be back.


Jenn said…
Congrats on the loss and I'm glad you're finding things that are working for you!
Anonymous said…
WOW! What a great loss. You're obviously doing something right!
gingersnapper said…
Yay! Stick with it, baby! You're doing everything right, including assessing and modifying your plan.

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