Day 18 recap, 248 to go - Dang, I'm sore

Fast or feast, that's me. After confessing my need to get more exercise, I went out and burned 500 calories yesterday - 100 with Rhythm Karate and Jogging on Wii Fit, 320 on the walking trail at work, and 180 at yoga. The only problem was that the Karate and Jogging left me so sore that yoga was a real misery. I couldn't get my lower back, hips, or shoulders to relax and that makes yoga tough. I kept going through the motions, but it hurt instead of feeling good, and I left feeling very dissatisfied. I want another strong loss this week, so today is going to have to feature more activity, probably just walking so that I can rest my achy bits.

I want to thank everyone who contributed thoughts about how to be successful in maintenance, you've given me lots to think about. I had a particularly interesting conversation with Gingersnapper about how the easiest thing to do, the smart thing to do, is find a way to make exercise an organic part of your life...not something you schedule or plan, just something that happens as you go through your day. For some people that's easier than others. For instance, being able to walk to work or from the bus or train to work gives some folks a great opportunity for activity as part of regular life. Having shops close by - as I do - is another great way to get in some exercise without thinking too much about it. For many, at least in this country, though, we don't have that opportunity. Work is generally 20 or more miles away, via freeway, and shops are several miles of unwalkable highway or freeway, too. So we join gyms or build them inside our homes and we flail about (or is that just me???) trying to burn as many calories as possible in between the rest of our lives. Not optimal but it's what you have to do to get the weight off, so we do it. Anyway, I've got lots of food for thought and I'm thinking.


gingersnapper said…
And the really damnable part of it is that sex doesn't burn NEARLY as many calories as you'd think!
Anonymous said…
your post Tuesday got me inspired for my post Thursday, here:

Oh, and like I said then, dance! any time, any where, for any length of time, and it's fun!

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