Day 20, 246 to go - Challenge

Today I have a work function at a restaurant for lunch and I'm sort of stumped about what to eat. I DO NOT want to go off of my program, especially given that I'm nearly 3 weeks in and have been letter perfect so far. I've never managed that before and I'd really like not to mess things up. Basically, I can only have veggies (including baked potatoes or legumes) but this place doesn't really have a very good selection of those, so I think my best choice is to order the veggie quesadilla without cheese or the pesto aeoli and then open it up to eat the veggies without the tortilla OR just get the garden salad without dressing and with lemon wedges on the side to squeeze in place of dressing. Neither of those sound good but I have only 246 days to go until I go onto maintenance and I can do this!

Pre-event, I'm planning to eat my HMR entree, a bunch of veggies, an orange, at least one HMR Chicken Soup, and as much water as I can...I want to be stuffed to the gills before I arrive at the restaurant. I also want to do as many laps around the walking path at work as possible, both pre- and a minimum, 90 minutes/720 calories.

I hope this goes well - pray for me.

ETA: It went fine. I had the foresight to ask what the "seasonal soup of the day" was and - miracle of miracles! - it was lentil soup which is totally and completely on my program. (Woo hoo!) I accompanied it with a salad of baby greens, tomatoes, and orange slices (all also on program) with a vinaigrette on the side which I used very sparingly. Much better overall than I'd expected and I feel like $1 million...I can do this thing, people...I WILL do it!


gingersnapper said…
That's one of my main strategies for events and restaurants - eat first.

If you get the salad, can you get low-fat dressing on the side? I learned the trick of dipping your fork into the dressing, then taking the bite of salad. It's brilliant: you get dressing on every bite without having to pour half a bottle on the salad.

Maybe they'll have some a la carte vegetable dishes too.
lisah said…
I hope it went well today! I admire how well you are sticking to plan....and hoping that it will rub off on me!
gingersnapper said…
Soup! I never thought of that.

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