Day 25, 237 to go - I love my doctor

First things first - thanks, Anne, for the great comment to my last were dead-on with your advice to approach my health as something I need to partner with my doctor to improve (rather than blame myself) and I appreciate the reminder. I'm not a bad person, NOT a criminal, I've just let myself get overwhelmed by my fear of facing the facts about my health, and that's something I can stop/change any time I'm ready. Like today, for instance.

I LOVE my new doctor. Love, love, love, love, LOVE. I haven't felt a bond with my doctor since 1997 when my favorite doctor ever fell off of the list for my insurance carrier. Not surprisingly, that's the last time I was on a regular cycle of check-ups for my diabetes, too. From the time her awesome nurse came out to get me in the lobby with a smile and introduced herself right through the end of the visit, I felt supported and cared for...not a single scolding look or word. Yes, she reminded me that it's important for diabetics to get regular check ups (I've already set a reminder in Outlook to call for my next appointment in 4 months) but there was no disapproving look accompanying the reminder. When I told her that my sugars were over 200, she calmly said that we needed to get them down because she likes to see them at or below 120, so she's prescribed Glucophage twice a day with meals to help get them down. She also said to focus on keeping a low-glycemic diet which HMR foods are for the most part but I need to make sure that the unlimited veggies I eat are not high-glycemic (like the two small baked potatoes I had last night - FAIL). See, that's partnership and I can work with that. My blood pressure and pulse were both normal/regular, and that helped set my mind at ease, too.

So, what next?
1. Picked up prescription for Glucophage and test strips, will start taking the medication after dinner tonight

2. Call ophthalmologist to make appointment for retinal exam (hello ugly glasses you have to wear after they dilate your eyes!)

3. Go to lab Friday morning for fasting blood work (lipids, six-week blood sugar [A1C], cholesterol, triglycerides, the whole meal deal)

4. Wait for mammography department at the clinic to call for scheduling of my first-ever mammogram (digital, even)

5. Make 30 minutes of walking EVERY DAY non-negotiable in my schedule. I can and will add more than that on some days (on my way to burning 2,000 calories each week) but I have to move a little bit each day to make exercise an entrenched habit

6. Last, but definitely not least, call EAP at work to get referral to an eating disorder specialist to make sure that I never have to lose this weight again!

Must run to a meeting...might write more later. (Or not. Maybe I'll just get to doing instead of writing.)


Anonymous said…
SO glad you saw your doctor, and she's a good one. Please don't ever stop checking yourself daily; you are too important. :)
Anini said…
I'm so glad you like your new doctor. It reminds me of how much I need a new one. I've got my eye on a certain one so I hope I can get in with her.

I am glad you are serious about getting your regular checks done. I need to start addressing my medical issues regularly as well.

I like your blog a lot, I had to suscribe. Thanks for checking out mine earlier :)

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