Day 26, 236 to go - I guess it's not too bad

I have this thing about taking medication: if it's not going to cure whatever I have, I really don't want to take anything. I think it stems from pride, to be though it's some sort of admission of weakness not to be able to fight off whatever it is I've got on my own. So you can imagine I wasn't thrilled about going on the oral diabetic medication my doctor prescribed yesterday, but my sugars are unacceptably high and I've been eating well for over 3 weeks now, so I obviously need help to get them down. That said, I haven't felt any serious side effects (other than some digestive upsets) and I'm hopeful it's going to start doing its job pronto. (My dad - the pharmacist - says I should see it start working in just a few days...hope so!)

I made my appointment with the ophthalmologist today but was thwarted in my attempt to find a mental health professional to work on my eating disorder and depression with me. I called the Employee Assistance Program through work, found a therapist about halfway between work and home, got the referral authorized, then I called the number in the directory. Between all of the "press 1 for a human being" gates I had to go through at the beginning of the call, getting passed off from one receptionist to the next right in the middle of answering all of the highly personal questions they have to ask you, then finding out at the very end of the process just as we were putting time on her calendar that she's not accepting new patients...grrrr, not impressed. I'll call the EAP back tomorrow to let them know and get another referral authorization for a different provider, but this is really discouraging and I wonder how many mentally ill people have the stamina to see it through. Do I?


Hi there!

I think you may have left me a comment once. I followed the link on the comment, and it sent me to two other blogs. Then, I finally found this blog...but I don't know if this is the same person who left me a comment, lol! If it is you, thanks for stopping by my blog! If not, HI anyway! ;)

When I was first prescribed meds (14yrs old), I didn't take them for a long time! I just didn't understand how a pill could make your body work properly! I thought the whole thing was one big scam, lol! Now I'm kinda regretting it...
gingersnapper said…
Ugh, I know what you mean about finding a doctor. It's very difficult to do when you're at a vulnerable point in your life, which you usually are when you're looking for a doctor. That is unacceptable that you had to answer all those questions unnecessarily! You should call them back and change all your answers :)
Anonymous said…
sorry you had to go through all that!
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry you have to go through this. Even when I'm feeling healthy it's still hard to call the doctor. I can only imagine how monumental it must be to keep up the stamina to make it through the health care maze.

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