Day 27, 235 to go - Waking up

TCB spent the night at Camp Pendleton last night. He's taking a class that went from 6:00 to 10:00 pm last night and 8:00 to 5:00 today, so he stayed at the overnight lodging there rather than coming home because I was worried about his driving while tired, or oversleeping and missing class this morning, or driving in the rain we were supposed to get last night. I haven't had the house to myself overnight since he want to his high school reunion last August and I had no energy back then so I think I just wallowed around watching TV and being generally mopey. Today, however, I am neither wallowing nor moping...I'm getting things moving.

Laundry is started. I've put away the dishes from the dishwasher and loaded in yesterday's from the sink. I've started on cleaning the master bath. Clothes that have been lying around the bedroom are finding their way into drawers or hampers or hangers. I have appointments to meet the chair of our Junior League cookbook committee at 10:30 am and to go watch a friend play rugby at 3:00. I also need to go to the local farmers market to pick up pita chips and hummus for an all-day priority development meeting at work next week. (You don't want to know what the cafeteria at work wanted to charge for pita chips and hummus!) Moving, even when not directly related to weight loss, feels good...feels right, and it shows me, more clearly than any diagnostic test ever could, that I'm living a healthy life. I will definitely get a walk in today, too, but I'm particularly proud of the non-weight loss related progress I'm making.

Oh, and I'd like your opinion on something. I'm already thinking about how to commemorate the milestone of losing 10% of my original weight - 23.7 pounds lost or when I reach 213.7 pounds (still 12 pounds away) - and I've been looking at this dress or this a size 20. Before anyone gets too excited (especially me), let me stress that I'm comfortably in 24s now (lots of room) so it's only because it's still 12 more pounds off AND because it's fitted at the bust not the waist that I'm thinking size 20 would work. Still...size 20, people. It's been a very long time. Anyway, which one do you like best? I will be able to wear either one to work and am also looking at them for our upcoming Junior League event, Island DiVine. It's not until May 1st, and surely I can lose 12 pounds by then, right? Let me know what you think in the comments.


Unknown said…
I love the color of the yellow one, but the other one gets my vote because: POCKETS! A dress with pockets! Be still my heart!

So glad that you're enjoying the journey. Really proud of you.
Anonymous said…
I love the yellow one. Especially living in sunny SD! :D
Jenn said…
I love both, but the yellow one is so cute and cheerful. I'd probably have more chances to wear the other, anything black is sort of my thing, but I vote for yellow.
Anini said…
I adore the black & white one!

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