Day 30, 231 to go - And the truth shall set you free

Thank you for the creative guesses as to my "truth"'s the scoop:

1. I used to work at Disneyland - TRUTH! I grew up in Anaheim and worked at the Mouse House from 1984 through 1987

2. I had dual Italian and American citizenship until I was 25 - Nope, but I did have dual British/American citizenship until I was 18 because my mother was and is a British citizen

3. I am allergic to chocolate - Nope, life would be cold and empty without my almost-daily skinny (non-fat, sugar-free) mocha

4. I was arrested for participating in a political rally to convince Victoria's Secret to carry plus sizes - Nope, but if any of you are with me, I'll organize one while I'm out in Baltimore next month for FitBloggin!

5. I was an intern for the Governor of California - Nope, but I was an intern for his San Diego fundraising organization

6. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Vanilla - Absolutely not. Dislike vanilla so much it's almost visceral

7. Growing up, my fondest wish was to be a sportscaster - Nope, I wanted to be a flight attendant. (This is before Lockerbie turned flying into an ordeal to be lived through for me.)

In other news, I will be paid to go to the Wild Animal Park and participate in one of their photo safaris today. Is it any wonder I love my job? Also, I truly have an amazing boss and I'm going to miss her when the re-org is finished but I'm going to have another great manager in the new org and that's comforting.

Finally, my blood sugar readings are finally starting to show some progress. I've been faithfully taking them since my visit with the doctor a week ago and they've been staying pretty high, but starting last night before dinner and continuing through this morning, there has been quite a bit of progress and that has me hoping I won't have to either go on insulin or increase the dosage of the oral medication I'm on. Cross your fingers, light a candle, say a prayer...whatever you believe in, would you do that for me today? Thanks.

By the way, I don't think I've ever told you guys how thankful I am to have you here reading me as you do. I know I'm not one of the Mega Bloggers, I don't make any money doing this, and I'm never going to be famous (although this blog was mentioned - alongside Shauna, no less! - in a magazine article and newspaper in the way, way back), I love being able to come here and pour my soul out, knowing that there are people I've never met who will care enough to write back and tell me what they think. From picking dresses to celebrating weigh ins to living through my father's heart surgery, some of you have been reading me nearly from the very beginning, and I'm so grateful and humbled. Thank you.


gingersnapper said…
Well, you're a mega blogger to me, sweetie. You and I go way back, as does Shauna for that matter, and I keep reading you because you write about your real life and your feelings and your triumphs and failures. That's what motivates me, hearing the stories of a real person, not articles targeted to an audience in the hope of making money. And I think that's why Dietgirl has been so successful - even with her popularity and the book and her new ventures, Shauna has always continued to write her story as one friend to another, very honestly and authentically.

p.s. I KNEW it wasn't #3.
Jenn said…
Reading about your job today makes me dread going to mine all that much more.

Fingers crossed for your blood sugar :)
Fingers (and toes) crossed on the continued progress with your blood sugar!
Meg said…
Wow, I want that job! lol.

Hope your blood sugars go down!

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