Day 51 - Delayed weigh in and measurement

This morning's weigh in showed that I'd dropped 1.6 pounds and 1/2 inch from my waist. (That's 223.2 pounds and 47.5 inches.) I don't understand how this is possible given that I have been eating constantly, not measuring calories or carbohydrates, and eating pretty crappy food in some cases. I think it has to be the exercise - 2.5 hours of walking last week plus two days of yoga, so about 1,500 calories for the week. Still, that's not even close to enough to burn off the amount of food I've been eating. Whatever, I'll take it.

Several of you have written to ask about my experience with acupuncture, and I want to let you know that I really believe it helps me. Of course, spending 30 minutes focusing on soft music and your breathing while listening to relaxing music would probably do good things for me regardless, but I definitely feel better when I visit Judith, my acupuncturist, and it doesn't hurt, so why not? My insurance covers up to 30 visits to an acupuncturist per year, so it costs me nothing, either.

Between the acupuncture and 30 minute massage, my knotted glute muscle and IT band finally relaxed over the weekend so that getting up and sitting down are no longer painful (thank goodness). While he was working on breaking down the huge chunks of adhered scar tissue from my hip, thigh, and butt, my massage therapist mentioned that walking shouldn't have irritated these muscles - which is borne out by the fact that I walked with it hurting both Thursday and Friday - but that stairs or jogging are both things I need to avoid going forward. That's when I remembered my unsuccessful attempt to start Couch to 5K in the early part of the week and realized that the pain came a day after I tried jogging. OK, lesson learned: I'll just keep on walking, thank you very much.

I'm so excited about my trip to Baltimore later this week. I'm going to be landing at BWI Thursday afternoon just before dinner, I'll spend all day Friday exploring Washington DC (just a train ride away), and then FitBloggin starts with a reception Friday night. There's a FitBloggin 5K Saturday morning before the conference starts in earnest, then a reception after things finish for the day Saturday night, and finally, yoga on Sunday morning. My flight home doesn't leave until 6:00 pm Sunday, so I'm planning to explore Baltimore for the day...anyone have suggestions for cool things to do?

I know that I had something else I wanted to write about this morning, but my mind is mush and I've got to get ready and get to work ASAP because I've got a LOT to do before I leave for vacation (yay!).

p.s. This is my last Ten in '10 weigh in and I really want to thank Lori for setting up a really awesome challenge. Ten weeks ago I wasn't exercising at all, wasn't eating any fruit or vegetables, and was a huge ball of unexpressed stress. Since then, I've:

1. Attended twice weekly 90 minute yoga sessions (not missed even one class!)

2. Lost 15 pounds and several (didn't measure from the beginning so I can't be precise) inches off of my waist

3. Started a 30 minute per day walking program with friends at work each work day

4. Focused on getting fruit and vegetables into each meal

Bless you, Lori, because I think you might just have helped me save my own life.


Shauna said…
Denise you are freakin awesome. What an amazing 10 weeks. You have really inspired me. So sad I won't get to meet you at Fitbloggin, hope you have a rockin good time. Hopefully see you next year? :)
Sometimes the scale MAKES NO SENSE whatsoever. Take that loss and embrace it! :)

And thanks for emailing me the info about the acupuncture. I'm very interested in doing it. I just might...
I've given up on understanding the scale, but I'm like you--I don't care, I'll take the results! :)

I'm thinking about visiting an acupuncturist, so I'm glad to read that someone else has had a good experience with it!
Congrats on your loss! Don't you love it when the scale surprises you in a good way?!
Anonymous said…
Have a GREAT trip! :D
Unknown said…
I'm a Baltimore gal! We're supposed to have GREAT weather (San Diego-like??) for your visit here. For Sunday exploring, if you're staying in the Harbor, you could always hop a water taxi out to Fort McHenry (home of the Star Spangled Banner) - a little history, plus the Fort itself is a great walking spot. There is a path that winds all around the Harbor itself - you can go from Fells Point (one of the oldest neighborhood, with lots of little shops and bars) to Little Italy through the Harbor and around to South Baltimore, all along the waterfront. Harborplace itself is just great to sit and people-watch on a nice day. For a pop-culture throwback, there's Geppi's Entertainment Museum near Camden Yards (the Orioles Ballpark) which has every toy and game you ever had (and threw away) when you were a child. If soothing art is more your speed, by all means get thee to the Walters Art Gallery in Mt. Vernon (just north of the Inner Harbor, walkable but also an easy bus or cab ride). Right now there is a great exhibit on Beauty & the Brain - the science of perceiving and processing beauty. You might also like the Visionary Arts Museum - it's right across the water from the Marriott. It's a museum dedicated to the works of self-taught artists. Not quite folk, not quite modern - hip, a little funky and totally fun.

Sorry this is sooo long, but I hope that gives you some ideas to get you started. It's a great town - I hope you have a wonderful visit!

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