Day 52 - Not much to say

I don't have a lot to say today but I want to get back into the habit of writing every day, so here I am.

Let's was great last night but I wonder if I overdid it because the back of my thighs are absolutely killing me this morning. This would be fairly unremarkable if not for the fact that I was eventually driven to the acupuncturist and masseuse last week due to pain in that same general area. It would be unfortunate - to say the very least! - to develop similar pain while in Baltimore for four days with no access to either of those wonderful practitioners of the healing arts.

I walked for a total of 60 minutes yesterday: 30 minutes with Al in the morning and 30 more with my walking buddies at work; there might be a relationship between my increased activity and the leg pain I'm having, now that I think of it.

I have a follow-up appointment with my general practitioner this morning, specifically - at her request - to talk about my high blood sugars and adjusting my medication. Not really looking forward to it but I'm willing to do whatever is needed to stay healthy while I'm also dealing with the causes of my binge eating with the eating disorder specialist. If I had better control over what I'm eating, the diabetes would be immensely easier to deal with although strict adherence to a rigid diet for the rest of my life seems unlikely (which is why I'm cranking up the exercise minutes...if I don't seem to be willing to eat less, I'm going to have to move a whole lot more).

I've planted some lettuce, spinach, and arugula in a pot on my patio plus a new tomato plant and some Basil. My chocolate mint from last season is springing forth again. It's time to get in touch with my ex-husband (and now-friend), the landscape designer, to ask for help in preparing the community garden plot for spring planting. TCB and I have discussed what we'd like to do and the consensus is 10'x10' of veggies (plus some sort of berry bush) alongside a 3'x4' bed of flowers such as sweet peas. Both beds need to be excavated first, with all of the horrible soil removed and replaced with something that can sustain life, then a 2-3' fence must be constructed to keep Benjamin Bunny and Sally Squirrel out of the veggies. This is where the ex-hubby comes in because he knows people who work on landscaping and will do a good job, thus relieving me of the stress of trying to find someone worthy of the project and trying to figure out how much to pay for the day's work.

Well, the Pug is whining for me downstairs, so I'd better pull on some walking clothes and take him for his morning stroll/drag.


Julia said…
Sorry to hear about your pains. Hopefully it's nothing to serious and will subside soon!

I am excited for your garden(s). I just posted this morning about my plans to grow fruits and veggies this year, instead of just flowers. I have started my seeds indoors already - overanxious about Spring/Summer I suppose.

What is this Chocolate Mint you are growing?! Sounds amazing!

Have a good walk and a great day!

Chibi said…
Your increased activity most certainly could be the cause of the pain. Hopefully your body acclimates soon!

I'm jealous of your garden space! I honestly never saw myself as a gardener, but as time goes on, I find myself wishing for a small plot of land to try my hand at growing stuff. :)
You are taking some seriously awesome steps in taking control of your health--once and for all!

I'm interested in this choco-mint of which you speak, also!
I'm sorry to hear about your pain :( Hope it goes away soon!

I need to get me a garden! :D
Unknown said…
stroll/drag lol love it.

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