Day 55 - I have walked 6 miles so far today!

Hello friends, how are all of you doing today? Me, I'm getting ready to soak my poor, tired feet in some Epsom salts. I was planning to walk about five miles today but didn't realize how hilly downtown Baltimore is - wow. So I did closer to six miles. Doesn't make sense, does it? Nevermind.

Things I saw today:
1. Sugar free, nonfat latte at Caribou Coffee (yum, why aren't they in San Diego?)
2. Edgar Allen Poe's grave site
3. Edgar Allen Poe's house
4. Housing projects
5. Health and Human Services (aka Welfare) office
6. Clean needle exchange
7. Lexington Marketplace
8. Ashley Stewart store (where I bought my dress for Island Divine)
9. Emmanuel Church
10. Monument to George Washington
11. Pope John Paul II prayer garden
12. Basillica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (where I bought bottled water - it's hot here! - and a present for Tony)
13. More projects plus a burned out car
14. Health Care for the Homeless (it's a very nice facility)
15. Baltimore War Memorial building
16. Man air boxing while waiting for bus
17. Clueless tourist who asked ME for directions to the Metro station (poor thing)
18. Hooters, the restaurant (it's directly opposite my hotel)

Things I did NOT see in my five or so hours of exploring:
1. Starbucks - not a single branch. Seriously, Starbucks, did you get banned from the city or what??? At home you can't walk 50 feet without tripping over a Starbucks and here not a one. Crazy

OK, I'm going to put my feet up before I head over to the Marriott for registration. Chat more later.

Wait, just one more thought: I would never have been able to half of what I did today just a few months ago. I got a bit out of breath a few times today but I would have literally been DYING if I'd done this same walk back on New Year's Day. Seriously? I impressed myself today and even if I don't lose another pound (but I will!), I've still done some bloody impressive work in 10 weeks or so, folks!


Melissa said…
You've done so well! Congrats on a fabulous walk today--it WAS beautiful out there, huh? I'm glad you got to enjoy the weather. We aren't used to it!
I'm in DC so if you were closer, I would have joined you on your walk--I don't know Baltimore very well, actually-just the more touristy places like the Inner Harbor area and, oh, Johns Hopkins Hospital, too, I guess.

I hope the rest of your weekend goes just as well.
Whoa! Great job on your walk!
Unknown said…
sounds so fun!! I think you should take some photos on your next walk and share them with us :)

So far today I had the most delicious breakfast! I shared it on my blog if you're interested :)

have a great rest of your day!

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