Day 60 - Weight and measurement day

I actually weighed and measured yesterday but then forgot to post, so here's the scoop: I lost 2.1 pounds (down to 221.6) and 1/2" from around my waist (now 47"). And I did it while eating like poop, too, so that's even more remarkable - here's to the power of the walking, I guess.

In other news, I'm still contemplating what role - if any - Zoloft should play in my journey to wellness. Talking to Yvonne and Marjanna on Sunday really helped me think through things in my head (basically by thinking them through out loud instead)...if I keep doing the same things (trying to eat good foods in reasonable quantities but ultimately still binge eating on a pretty regular basis) that I've always done, I'm going to end up with the same results (some weight loss success but ultimately regaining all of it) and I just don't think I can go through that cycle again. So, if Zoloft can help control my need to binge then perhaps I have to give it a shot. I still want to talk to my dad, the pharmacist, to make sure there aren't any really scary/really common side effects I need to avoid, and then talk with my doctor to find out if I'll have to be on this medication forever if I want to keep the binge eating under control. I'll definitely keep writing about this because I don't see many blogs talking about the mental side of losing weight from the point of view of a binge eater, so I'm hoping perhaps I can de-mystify some of this and even help others eventually.

In other news, I had the best surprise ever when I came home late Sunday night...TCB and my best friend were there at the airport to meet me, with a skinny vanilla latte for me and everything! (I'm so lucky!) They came down in best friend's car so that TCB could drive us home in my car (which was at long-term airport parking) and they had to wait quite a while because our flight was delayed, so I think I'm the luckiest girl ever to have such a wonderful husband and friend.

Finally, I was bummed to find that my Gruve won't synchronize with Mac computers, only PCs. Really? Man, now I can't track my activity on the computer or adjust my daily activity goals. Maybe if I offered a Mac programmer to create an app they'd take me up on it? *Sigh* In any case, I only made it to blue yesterday even with my daily walk and getting up and down all day. Must try harder today!


Unknown said…
Oh man that is a bummer! Most new tech fit thingers are all about the mac! Maybe mac didn't want to support it because they already have the nike+ that they are pushing big time. I like it :) But the groove lights up and that part i thought seemed rather neato.

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thank you so much for the compliments. that was very sweet of you.
Congrats on the loss! But a bummer about the Gruve...

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