Day 61 - The joys of changing my diabetes prescription

When I met with my doctor last week, she doubled my dosage of Metformin from 500 mg twice a day to 1000 mg twice a day. I wouldn't have made the switch until I returned from Fitbloggin if I'd had a choice, but I really didn't because I ran out of the old prescription right in the middle of my trip, so I started the new one on Saturday morning and BOY did I have a fun time Saturday night and Sunday afternoon as a result. Ever since I've been home, it's the same: go to work, walk at lunch, eat lunch, get sick in the bathroom about an hour later, drive home while still shaky and weak, collapse into bed like a wet noodle immediately after taking The Pug for a bathroom break. Not fun.

Today's adventures include working at the Crew Classic on behalf of the Junior League in my position as Cookbook Treasurer so that we can sell (hopefully) some of our award-winning cookbook, California Sol Food. I'll be there from 9:00 until 5:00 today even though our 19 year old returns from 7 months of living in Texas at noon...I'll just have to wait to hug the life out of him until dinner time. I think today's activities might be a good chance to get to green on my Gruve - need to walk around to show off the cookbook, right?


Oh, goodness! Is it normal to have that reaction to a change in prescriptions? Seems like they could find a way to take it up in steps vs. all at once. Hope you feel better soon!

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