Day 68 - Trying to do better with the things I can control

Yesterday was not my best day ever. (Massive understatement.) Today is definitely better and that's at least in some part down to the kind comments and emails from several of you...I feel so supported and that's huge.

I've done - and am still doing - a lot of thinking about my health recently. About how far I've come just since the middle of January. About the frustration I feel at my unwillingness/inability (not sure which it is, really) to stop binge eating. About ways to add more exercise to my daily routine so that I can offset the binges. I don't have to be perfect in order to be healthier...I just need to take baby steps in the right direction.

Steps like...
  • Planting my veggies this weekend at the community garden. If I have fresh veggies around, I'll be more likely to eat them
  • Firing up the EA Sports Active for the Wii and starting the 30 day challenge (in addition to the 1.5 miles of walking I do each week day at work)
  • Drinking more water. I've been really lagging on the water lately and I know that's a critical part of flushing toxins out of my body (plus it's not even hard...I like water


MargieAnne said…
Hi. Do hope you have better success with your drinking goals. I'm struggling with exercise and drinking right now. Have got really slack on both. And my veggie garden needs a good late summer clean up and planting up for the next round of food. I'm not very motivated. Must work on that.

Melissa said…
Baby steps will get you there and the path won't feel too miserable! I like your 3 steps!! I know I could use more water, especially since it's finally warming up. I LIKE water but I find I gravitate towards other drinks. I need to step it up myself.
(I'd comment more but can't from work for some reason and that's when I end up reading most of the time--)

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