Day 72 - Hard work never killed anyone (but why risk it?)

My poor husband worked his tail off yesterday as he dug up and turned over a 12'x12' garden plot by himself. The boys - Alcott and his older brother - were supposed to come over to help out but both of them just blew it off, leaving TCB (with a little bit of help from Alcott's 17-year-old sister and I on rock removal/bed smoothing and leveling duty) to do the whole thing on his own. In the end, the two beds intended for veggie planting (including carrots, beets, kale, celery, corn, eggplant, green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, and peas) were turned over, but we still need to get soil amendment added, then we'll actually get to the planting. Bonus: While we were out there sweating, I started feeling a little unsteady on my feet...thankfully it was just a massive earthquake and not vertigo. (Yikes!)


Anonymous said…
> thankfully it was just a massive
> earthquake and not vertigo.

LOL! Glad y'all were okay. I *kinda* envy your gardening endeavors, but not enough to go dig in the dirt my ownself . . .
MargieAnne said…
My garden still waits. You wouldn't like to put the team on a 12 hour flight would you? You too, can't manage without the boss.

Glad your world didn't fall apart when it rocked.

Thanks for email too. I like it when people whose Blogs I read also read mine.
gingersnapper said…
Yeah, I would definitely rather have an EARTHQUAKE than some vertigo!

The garden plan sounds wonderful, I wish I lived next door and could raid the crops at night.
Jenn said…
My garden is in desperate need of attention. We have a fenced in garden area that is seperate from our actual yard. The old owners planted raspberries and then never did any maintenance for years, so we have an insane amount of overgrown berries and weeds. I'm dreading cleaning it up.

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