Day 81 - Where am I?

I've started five entries since I last posted here but they all felt wrong. The simple truth is this: my eating is out of control and I don't know what it will take to put it back. I am working with my psychologist and primary care physician (who are supposed to be collaborating) to get a prescription for Wellbutrin to address my depression and binge eating, but in the meantime it's like a battle for my soul.

I want to eat least I do somewhere inside...but I'm not. I'm still doing good things for myself like taking my diabetes medication, seeing the therapist and primary care physician, getting acupuncture last night to try to address the binge eating, and taking my many vitamins and supplements. I'm trying to avoid simple starchy carbs in favor of higher fiber choices, although that's not always true but it's still progress. I walk every work day at lunch with co-workers and try to take Al the Pug for a walk every day. Before I lost my Gruve, I was hitting the green zone every day and that's a good thing. (I think I'm going to have to use my own promotion code - Go to www.Muve.Me and enter promo code BlogNGruve during the checkout process - to purchase myself a replacement.) I haven't weighed or measured in several weeks because I'm afraid but it's not going to get better if I just ignore it. OK, tomorrow morning before breakfast I will find out where I am and post it here for all of you to see.


On a positive note, we finally got our veggie garden planted in the nearby community garden and I think it's pretty awesome. We've got cukes, four kinds of tomatoes, bush beans, pole beans, peas, melons, pumpkin, eggplant, summer and winter squash, parsley, a blackberry bush, bell peppers, swiss chard, corn, basil, chamomile, and corn, and I've got seeds to start for carrots, kale, cinnamon basil, and celery. I'm sure not everything will do well and the soil is still pretty terrible even after we added 12 massive bags of new top soil with compost, but we'll have some fresh veggies this year and that's what counts. Plus we had two of the kids (Alcott's siblings) help with the planting and they'll be able to eat what they planted which is an essential part of growing up if you ask me.


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