Day 84 - Weigh, measure, and the start of a little experiment

Right, I promised last I was here that I'd weigh and measure myself for my next post, so here it is: I weigh 226.4 pounds and my waist circumference is 48.5 inches. That's down 0.2 pounds/up 0.5 inches from April 6th, up 5 pounds/1.5 inches from March 23 (my first weigh and measure after FitBloggin)...not reason for celebration, definitely.

However, I had a bit of an epiphany while I was driving home yesterday: my life is pretty darned awesome when taken in totality. I just recently (April 3) passed the seven year blogiversary for this little patch of the Information Super Highway and I have been thinking a lot about the changes around here between April 3, 2003 and now, and here's what I've come up with.

Then: No love interest and no prospects
Now: Wonderful husband who adores and spoils me

Then: My cats were my best friends
Now: Still love the cats but also have loads of friends I've met through my work in the Junior League, through my involvement with foster care support, and through my legislative advocacy

Then: Lived in a small (950 square foot) condo in a dodgy neighborhood where winos lived in the neighborhood park and you were never really surprised to find a syringe or condom on your morning walk by the bay
Now: TCB and I have a fabulous townhouse (1,380 square feet) in an awesome, family and fitness-centric neighborhood where there is a park of some sort every block, a dog park for Al, wonderful shops, great schools, and where I can leave my front door unlocked when I go for a walk or ride without fear. We have a wonderful library directly across the street along with my acupuncturist and opthamologist.

Then: I had no children, knew I could never have any children of my own, and ached every time I received a baby shower invite in the mail.
Now: I'm surrogate mother for five great kids ranging in age from 19 to 14, one of whom is heading off to UC Davis in the Fall. I still ache a little for the babies I'll never have but it's greatly mitigated by the love of the teenagers I DO have.

So anyway, here's my epiphany: why do I obsess over the one part of my life that isn't awesome (my eating/weight) instead of giving myself permission to celebrate everything that IS awesome (see above)? Beating myself up isn't doing a darn bit of good anyway, so why am I doing it?

This led me to some further thoughts about how to celebrate the positive while working on the negative in a life-affirming sort of way...which I'll share next time as I've got to run to meet Mum and Dad for lunch in Oceanside. Ciao, bellas!


MargieAnne said…
Hi. I hope you will have time to pop over to my River Day post. I think you will like it .. I hope so. *smile*
You really do have an awesome life! How wonderful that you know it and appreciate it!
Jenn said…
What great changes over the years :) Hope you had a great weekend!

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