Neither coming nor going

I seem to be sitting still a lot lately. I take my 1.5 mile walks every weekday with my co-workers and I walked a TON at Davis on Wednesday, but there is, nevertheless, a lot of stillness in my life right now. I'm taking stock, I think. Trying to quietly appreciate what I have, what I do, my impact on the world...that sort of thing.

I have a busy weekend coming up, filled with Junior League events, scholarship applications, and watering of gardens (both veggie and floral); I am a lucky girl.


MargieAnne said…
We have rain. It will do so much good. Some of N.Z. has suffered from too much rain which is nerve wracking in flood prone areas while other parts remain dry and dusty, that's us. That's a worry for farmers as it's too late to get good grass growth before the weather gets too cold. Means farmers will need more hay than usual.

I'm not doing much today. catching up on Blogger friends, must get some exercise and that's it.
Stillness isn't a bad thing at all, especially if we use the time wisely. It certainly seems you're on that path.

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